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Need Advice?

Asking for help is hard when it's your baby, your project, and your heart, and you know what you want it to be. But are worried about having someone come in and change everything! We come alongside you and hear what your vision is, and the goals you want to achieve and will ask a lot of questions so we can fully understand the scope of your project. Finding the best products to meet those needs and budgets, and sometimes the two conflict so we will always have options for you. 

We work with churches, and theatres a lot to help them find the best solutions for projects, creative ideas, and custom solutions as well. We don't leave you after the consultation though, if you need help getting pricing from suppliers, and installation we offer those services and can get competing quotes to ensure the due diligence has been done. 

Also if you need help planning a large event, like a festival, concert, tv show filming, wedding (big or small), or even a rodeo, we have done it all and can help. 

Also, follow-up care is available, maybe your team, students, or teachers, need training, and we can do short or long training sessions. Furthermore providing maintenance support, cleaning filters, changing bulbs, updating programming, etc.. we are here to do that too!

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