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Dream Maker

We want to make your ideas come true.

Your event is personal to us, it's not just another event.

Let us help you.


DJ, lighting, audio, streaming, video, and maybe streaming? All that has to be perfect on your most special day. Let us help!

We help make your day less stressful, from a small wedding and you just want string lights or to a wedding you want everyone in the world to be able to watch and you need the lights, music, powerpoint and or video, decor, just everything to be perfect we can do that too!



Small businesses to large corporations we have done it before. We can arrange it all. Audio, lighting, video, broadcast, show callers, and decor! 

It's about showing your attendees you care and this is their time to learn, have fun, grow, and be inspired!

We want to help you out, reach out to us to see what we can do for you!


Why bother with trying to figure out how many porta potties you need, or fencing to secure the ground, how many paramedics will you need, what about security, and where will the vendors get fresh water and dump grey water? What requirements does the band have for lighting, video, audio, and pyro? 

Ugh... and rice shopping all this will take forever!

Focus on the artists at your festival and let us handle the other parts you just don't want to think about. Contact us to see how we can help to organize your festival a breeze.

Concerts / Broadcast

Concerts and broadcasts both need lighting and audio. Some concerts need video and broadcasts sure do. We have teams we work with to make each of these perfect. Let us help you find the best fit for your event. 

We have experience in both and can help you make your event or broadcast a great success!

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